Sadly I must confess that I don’t think Pedigree managed to keep the “spirit” of Sindy in this product. I just don’t get the Sindy vibe. I’m not even sure if I would’ve guessed it to be a SINDY Styling Head…

Anyway! I like that the head is the same size as a human head and not tiny as the earlier one from 1974. Much easier for the kids to make lovely hair styles and play that they own their own hair salon.

From the 1981 Sindy Brochure?

While searching for more information about this Styling Head I found great photos, taken by Trace and Trev, on their Etsy page and they allowed me to use them here (marked with Photo: Trace and Trev)! They also have a website you can visit: .

Thank you truly Trace and Trev for being so kind and helpful!

The Box.
The Styling Head.