1981 Scensetters: Sindy Styling Head

Sadly I must confess that I don’t think Pedigree managed to keep the “spirit” of Sindy in this product. I just don’t get the Sindy vibe. I’m not even sure if I would’ve guessed it to be a SINDY Styling Head…

Anyway! I like that the head is the same size as a human head and not tiny as the earlier one from 1974. Now it’s much easier for the kids to create lovely hair styles and to play that they own a hair salon with a customer.

From the 1981 Sindy Brochure?

While searching for more information about this Styling Head I found great photos, taken by Trace and Trev, on their Etsy page and they allowed me to use them here (marked with Photo: Trace and Trev)! They also have a website you can visit: www.twistedtoys.co.uk .

Thank you truly Trace and Trev for being so kind and helpful!

The Box.
The Styling Head.