1982 Sindy: Active (Ballerina)

From the 1982 Sindy brochure.

Active Sindy has long rooted hair with center part and the classic Sindy ponytail, “Sindy” molded on the back of her head and 033055X below it, underneath the hairline, movable head and neck, movble shoulders, moveable elbows, ‘double jointed’ waist, movable hips, click-click legs and movable ankles.

The bodies made in Hong Kong have Hong Kong marked on the back of the lower waist. The other two body “types” have no markings. The heads of the dolls produced in Hong Kong are harder and smaller than the other’s heads. But all heads have the same markings.

This is a photo (found on internet) of the beautiful “Swan Lake” box with a Sindy in the glittering new Ballerina outfit.

As far as TLSM can tell some boxes had a Sindy with the old outfit and some had this new one. The alternative outfit was not included in the box, like it was with the 1986 Ballerina.

Click on photo to see it complete and enlarged.