Dioramas: 2022 Spring season

Sweetie (as she’s been called since she was born) is a bit spoiled. Even by her big sister… They had planned on helping their mother with taking down her spring clothes from the attic and hang them outside in the fresh air while putting the winter clothes up in the attic instead. This is something their mother has done, every new season, for years! The sisters thought they would help her out this time.

But since Sweetie was up late the night before Lolai didn’t want to wake her little sister up when it was time to start the work so she took it all down and out by her self.

-“Good morning, Lolai”, yawns Sweetie when she comes out to the greenhouse. “Are you up already!?”
The first to greet her good morning (when she notice her sister also has prepared a breakfast of chocolate cake!?) is Red, their Irish Setter.
-“Hi big boy,” says Sweetie patting him on his head and then looks out, saying: “Have you started without me Sis!?”

The things you can see in the photos are:

1971 Pedigree Sindy Armchair 12SA20

1976 Pedigree Sindy Bedside Table 44506

1980 Pedigree Sindy Washing machine 44483

1981 Greenhouse from the 44389 Pedigree Sindy Country Garden set

1977 Pedigree Sindy Kitchen Stools 44437

1983 Pedigree Sindy Lounge set 44584 (with the white sugar bowl)

2020 Kid Kreations Sindy Collectors Range, Sleepy Time

The Irish Setter from 1982 Walk in the Park 44510