Dioramas: 2022 Spring season

Lolai is using her mother’s gown rail, that works perfectly for hanging her mothers spring clothes on, to freshen them up and get rid of the attic smell.

This season changing procedure is only made to the clothes that can’t be washed up in the washing machine. She herself doesn’t have any clothes that can’t stand water and by the way, she never brings any clothes up in the attic either…

-“Good morning Sweetie!” she says to her sister. “Do you want some cake?”
-“That sounds yummy!” -“Woof,” barks Red.
-“Ok! I’m coming! Save some for me!”

The things you can see in the photos are:

1981 Greenhouse from the 44389 Pedigree Sindy Country Garden set

1983 Pedigree Sindy Lounge set 44584 (white sugar bowl)

2020 Kid Kreations Sindy Collectors Range, Sleepy Time

The Irish Setter from 1982 Walk in the Park 44510

1973 Lovely Lively Sindy in Fun Flares S605

1980 Pedigree Sindy Gown Rail 44387