Dioramas: 2022 Spring season

Spring is known as the season of love (at least here in Sweden)! After the cold and dark time of winter the sun is starting to shine and warm up everything again. So does also the peoples hearts. Everyone wants to get out in the sunshine, listening to the happy songs of the birds and meet new and interesting people and soon everyone is in love, lol (almost).

This year Sindy’s friends Marie and Mark are getting caught up by the spring feelings.

-“Oh Mark! You are so strong and handsome!”
“Mark, it’s so crowded here. I whish the others would leave soon… I can hardly hear my self thinking.”
Mark gets a bit confused. “What does she want me to do? Should I bring her home to my place or start to push the others away..?” he thinks.

We leave TLSM Village for now, while it’s still safe for children…

The things you can see in the photos are:

Pedigree Sindy’s 1986 Friends: Marie 42100 and Mark 42101

1967 Patch’s American friend (Pedigree Sindy) Betsy 6GBS

1963 Pedigree Sindy MIE in Lunch Date 12S04 she’s missing her handbag and her little book (Please contact TLSM if you have any to sell/donate.)

1969/70 Pedigree Sindy Patch (aka The Last Patch or The Canterbury Patch) 

Patch in 1967 Pedigree Sindy Red Riding Hood 9P07 missing her original socks, shoes, half apron, basket of fruit and her book. (Please contact TLSM if you have any to sell/donate.)