Dioramas: 2022 Summer Season

As mentioned the summer has arrived to TLSM Village and everyone remember that they actually love to meet up for barbeque and hang out together until the sun sets. So does the sweet Rya as well! She has arrived exactly on time just seeing her best friend parking her Trailblazer and Horse Trailer so she takes her horse to go and meet up with them.

“-Oh! I’m sorry Rya! I didn’t mean to startle you but I wanted to take a photo of you, a bit closer, so they can see your lovely freckles!”

You can see the listed items, below, on the photos:
2021 Kid Kreations Play Range Riding Club Sindy with her horse
1980’s Pedigree Sindy Horse Trailer sold by Wesco
1980’s Pedigree Sindy Trailblazer sold by Wesco