Sindy made under license: 2021 Kid Kreations Sindy Play Range

Just one year after the release of Sindy Collectors Range dolls, Kid Kreations released their new Sindy Play Range dolls! The collection includes six different dolls each available only in UK at the moment.

These dolls are based on the same body as the Collectors Range but they have bendable ankles and no “real” eyelashes or a head that can nod (it can only turn).

For more information about them and how to buy one visit:

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Fashion Blogger Sindy
Sweet Treats Sindy
Pet Parlour Sindy
Stylist Salon Sindy

Ballet Studio Sindy

Riding Club Sindy
The first three dolls that made it to TLSM.

Click here to see the comparison of all the six Play Range dolls.

Click here for a quick video of all of the dolls and boxes.