Sindy made under license: 2020 Kid Kreations Sindy Collectors Range

Inspired by the original Pedigree design first launched in 1963, Kid Kreations has redesign the range into a contemporary line up.

The collection includes six different dolls with only 1963 of each available worldwide and individually numbered. Click on a picture below for more information.

The Little Sindy Museum was kindly sponsored by Kid Kreations who stood for half of the cost for the beautiful dolls!

Therefore all six dolls are available to see for the visitors at TLSM!

THANK YOU truly Kid Kreations!

For more information about them and how to buy one visit:

2020 City Chic from
2020 Dream Date from
2020 Shopping Look from
2020 Skater Girl from
2020 Sleepy Time from
2020 Weekender from
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