From a Senior engineer at Pedigree Dolls:

“When I worked for Pedigree Dolls and Toys in the R and D department from 1967 till 1986, this set was one that I designed, engineered and made the development model for.”

“The skis were tested with Sindy fully dressed inc ski sticks, was sent down a 6ft long slope, over a jump and rolled over some 29ft without falling over. I was in the process of doing a test when the then M D (Mr Ken Edey) walked in and said what are you up to,

I explained what was going on to which he bet me a 10 shilling note that it would fail. I accepted the bet and in front of all R and D staff Sindy did the run in full, but I am still waiting for my 10 Bob, no luck, unfortunately he passed away many years ago.

Nice little part of Sindy history for you.”