TLSM’s Bridal Gowns

Here you find The Little Sindy Museum’s Bridal Gowns. Click on a image below for more detailed photo’s. 

Please note that unless mentioned the dolls are not part of the outfit, just wearing them, so it might not be the matching year of the doll for the year of the outfit.

All are not complete yet so if you own some part of the outfit that are missing in the photos, and are interested in selling, please contact TLSM. 

1974 Bride
1976 Wedding Bells
1977 Beautiful Bride
1978 Blushing Bride
1979 White Wedding
1980 White Wedding
1981 Bride 1981 Bride 1981 Bride
1982 Wedding Day 1982 Wedding Day
1983 Beautiful Bride
1984 Wedding Bells Wedding Bells
1985 Here Comes The Bride
1985 Beautiful Bride (boxed doll)
1986 Romance’n’Roses
1986 Outfit 43169
1986 Royal Wedding
1986 His’n’Hers 43175 Hers 43175
1987 (Hasbro) White Wedding
1987-1988 (Hasbro) Romance’n’Roses