Sindy’s “cousins”

Here is the list of Sindy’s so called “cousins”. There are a lot of different variations of dolls in each brand but at least one of them is to be find here at The Little Sindy Museum.

You can click on the image for more detailed photo’s; as our collection grows, more images will be uploaded. 

If there’s another doll you’ve heard about as a “cousin” of Sindy, please get in contact with TLSM so it can be mentioned here as well!

Estrela Susi.
Sindy Florido.
Tucha dolls.
Anna Moore.

Down below is a fun introduction to Sindy and two of her cousins, Fleur and Victoria Jane, made by the talented Didier, from Belgium! He has a great doll account on Instagram and on Flicker if you’d like to check it out. Text and photos are his own, borrowed on permission!

It was the middle of the winter. Sindy and Fleur were taking a little walk around the snowy DuDidier street.

Sindy: -Uh-Oooh..

Fleur: -What is it? The elastic of your panties froze too?

Sindy: -Hahaha no…well, yes, but that’s not that…Isn’t it Victoria Jane coming our way?

Fleur: -Victoria Who?

Sindy: -We must hide! There, behind this road sign. Gee I hope she won’t see us!

Fleur: -Who is she?

Sindy: -Victoria Jane Debenhams. One of my cousin. She always brags about her articulated body.

Victoria Jane: -Yoohooooo!! Is that you, Sindy? You look so stiff that I almost took you for a road sign!

Sindy: -Drats! We’re doomed.

Victoria Jane: -Ah! I feel so articulated today! You’ll never know how good it feels to be so perfectly articulated, my poor old un-articulated clone.

Sindy: -I’m not your clone. You are a clone of me. Besides, we don’t say ‘clone’ we say ‘cousin’.

Victoria Jane: -Sure. Who’s your stiff friend? Another clone cousin?

Sindy: -This is my cousin Fleur.

Fleur: -Hello. I have bendable ankles.

Victoria Jane: -hahahaaaw… good for you!

Sindy: -Aren’t you cold?

Victoria Jane: -I’m too articulated to be cold and it would be a shame to hide this perfectly articulated body!

Sindy: -Sure. Whatever. So you go this way? Too bad we go that other way. Goodbye Victoria.

Victoria Jane: -That’s ‘Victoria Jane’ dear. A multi articulated name.

Sindy: -Ugh.

Fleur: -I can almost do a dance step ‘en pointe’.

Victoria Jane: -hahahaaaw… good for you!

Sindy: -Come on Fleur we’ll be late for that thing we can’t be late for.

Fleur: -What thing?

Sindy: -uuUuuugh.. just come already!

Fleur: -…ok ok! Goodbye Miss Deebonbabams!
Sindy: -Sorry I was rude Fleur but that woman gets on my nerves every time!

Fleur: -Oh really? I thought she was nice. A bit squeaky maybe?

Sindy: -Squeaky? hahahaha😂🤣😂!
Sindy with her cousins.
Oops! All nude, to compare.
All the cousins enjoying the Swedish Midsummer.

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