Sindy’s riding outfits & horses: 1984

For a closer look at The Little Sindy Museum’s riding outfits and horses, click on an image below. 

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All pictures on this page are shown with the kind permission of Pedigree (and other mentioned on the photos).

The year of 1984 was not a bad one when it comes to Sindy and her Equestrian things! There were two new riding outfits, Pony Club 43011 and then yet another quite stylish set called Show Jumper 43020. Scroll down for more information.

Collage made from the 1984 brochure.
Pony Club in package.
TLSM’s Pony Club.

This little set of Riding Accessories, 44570, was sold this year as well.

Two new lovely horses was released this year: Poseable Horse 44251 (I have only found boxes named Chestnut Horse but I believe they are the same. If anyone knows more about it please send a PM TLSM) and Foal 44250. The horse was all new with a neck that could be adjusted so it could eat grass from the ground or hold it’s head up high. The foal was really sweat with a tiny little tail.

The same Gigs as in last year and in 1982 but this year they added a Top Hat in the sets!

Addition av top hats for the Gigs.