1985 Sindy

TLSM is collaborating with Paul Jackson who has the “1986 Pedigree Sindy” page on Facebook. He kindly shares his knowledge and says:

1985 was clearly a year Pedigree wanted to fight back at Barbie. The 85 range was the most bold and daring with more dolls than they usually issued. All of them quite bold. I think a lot of money went into that year. Another fun fact is 1985 had no auburn haired girls…

When the sales didn’t happen I think they rushed to update her to the new 86 face we all know. Once they knew they were going to update her they would have used up as much stock as possible. It’s not hard to imagine that left over 1984 heads will have been used on 1985 dolls to use up stock and sell them cheap. Loads of remaining heads from 84 and 85 went on to make the Miss Sindy is why there will be inconsistent bodies with heads etc as all the bodies needed to be used. All this explains why the 86 range was completely rushed.

Paul Jackson

From the 1985 brochure.

Here is the list of Sindy dolls from the 1985 brochure. 

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All pictures on this page are shown with the kind permission of Pedigree.

Trend Setter Sindy.

Fashion Fun Sindy.
Space Fantasy Sindy.
Star Light Sindy.

First Romance Sindy.
Shaping Up Sindy.
Active Ballerina Sindy.

Premiere Sindy.
Cut’n’Style Sindy.