Dioramas: 2022 Summer Season

As some of you know, at the time I’m writing this, all TLSM’s items are packed away in boxes waiting for July to begin. This because of the lack of having an actual place for my museum. But there is a great place in the “mid fold” of Sweden, at Höga Kusten (the Swedish High Coast) that TLSM get access to in the beginning of July which we all are longing for! So with this said you probably realise that these photos below are taken way before today. Sadly not the best quality but I hope you’ll enjoy them anyway!

Summer. The time of the year when the Swedish people realize that they love to meet up for barbeque and hang out together until the sun sets. The daylight give us more hours during the summer season than in the winter season. Up north in Sweden there’s a way more drastic change than down south. During June the northerners have daylight 24 hours and the opposite in December!

In TLSM Village there’s the same summer hype. Let’s see what they are up to!

For more information and a closer look at The Little Sindy Museum’s Summer Diorama, click on an image below. 

Looks like everyone wanted to be at the same spot today! But they are good people, staying out of the farmer’s fields!
Rya and her little horse.
Her friend Enya.
Patch is really busy reading Mam’selle!
Sandy wishes she had the original Alice band instead of this…
Paul is the MAN and of course he puts himself behind the barbeque.
Look at this babe!