The list of donations and donors.

The list of donations and donors.

This list starts from year 2023 and is continually being updated as more donations come in. If you have donated something before (and want it to be added) or after and can’t find it here, don’t hesitate to contact TLSM so the error can be adjusted!


Thank you truly all above!


Below are the Kid Kreations Sindy Town House that was donated to TLSM 🥰

All of these lovely TLSM Friends donated the KK house to the museum!

Lucy Aissa Taylor

Jo Chafer

Julie Rogers

Alexandra Camilleri

Fran Potter

Andrea Hickling

Sandra Williams

Dawn Reed

Dianne Silcock

Ann Taube

Anna Strandberg

Ann-Sofie Selberg

Beatrice Lilja

Cecilia Ellehammar

Christine Hazard

Cornelia Södergren

Ewonne Lindström

Jenny Ekenlöv

Jenny Mustaniemi

Jessica Emelie Schöngruber

Emma Simu

Johanna Lönnström

Kamila Ekström

Karin Olin

Katarina Sandberg

Katharina Antonsson

Linda Kemppi

Lotta Högström Fd Ingemansson

Malin Palm

Michel Fenon

Mona Stenberg-Bøe

Rebecca Dahlquist

Sara Forsell

Sussie Lövleide Thorne

Veronika Wallenros

Also, TLSM would not be able to function without these kindhearted and generous people (alphabetically presented) whom helped out in different ways!


Jo Chafer

Mai & Stig Ehrnell

Annika Norell

Director and Chairman at Pedigree, Mr Jerry Reynolds

Julie Rogers

Steve Söderström

Lucy Aissa Taylor

Beatrice Victor