TLSM donation by Lennart Nygren

The very generous donation by Lennart at Club-Sindy.

From the left: 1986 Pedigree Sindy Solo Fashions 43141,

1965 Pedigree Sindy Nylons

1984 Pedigree Sindy Masquerade

1977 Pedigree Sindy Beautiful Bride

1996 Hasbro Sindy Mermaid

1984 Pedigree Sindy Star Dance

1996 Funskool Miss India Sindy Kurta

1979 Pedigree Majorette Sindy‘s hat and staff

Below you can watch the video when I open up the donated box!

Thank you so much Lennart!

And yet another box, from Club Sindy, arrived this week (December 2023)! So very generous!!! Thank you truly!

The second amazing donation from Club Sindy!