Uncatalogued dolls: McDonald’s Sindy

In 1982 McDonald’s had an executive convention where they’d planned to give all the attendants an 11″ Sindy doll, dressed in a doll sized 1976 Stan Herman Uniform. Sadly the Sindys didn’t arrive in time for the convention and instead they sat stored in a warehouse until 1985, when they were discovered! ‘The Doll Factory’ of West Palm Beach, Florida, sold the dolls by advertising in the Doll Reader Magazine (issue of feb/march 1985) (see right side picture).

The McDonald’s Sindys are still very much searched for by collectors and TLSM is lucky to have one of them! She didn’t come in any plastic packaging and I’m not sure how it should look. If anyone have an unboxed McDonald’s Sindy please contact TLSM!

Probably the packaging.

Here you can see and read more from the very talented Bonita Callaghan’s article about the McDonald’s Sindy from her magazine Mam’selle, June 2022. ->

From Mam’selle magazine. Photo by Kellie Hardie. Click to see more photos!
Front page of Mam’selle with the article about the McDonald’s Sindy. Click to read on Issuu.
Photo by Dawn Austin. Click to see more photos!
Photo by Matthew Hadley. Click to see more photos!
Vintage 1976 McDonald’s Stan Herman Uniform sold on liveauctioneers.