Uncatalogued dolls

Here is the list of Sindy dolls that we know of that are uncatalogued. 

If it’s a Sindy that we have here at The Little Sindy Museum, you get more information and detailed photo’s; as our collection grows, more images will be uploaded. 

If you own one of the dolls that aren’t part of our collection yet and are interested in selling it, please send a PM. 

1979(?) Bonnie Sindy, 44901 (for the Scottish market). TLSM is looking for one!
1981 Sindy Your first fashion doll, 44499
1982 Sindy McDonald’s lost giveaway doll
1984 Party Time
198(3?)5 Sindy Beautiful Bride, 42018
1985 Trend Setter
1985 Miss Sindy
1986 Miss Sindy
1986 Disco Magic Sindy
1986? “Smirky Marilyn”