Uncatalogued dolls

These are just some of the dolls TLSM knows about that aren’t shown in any of the Pedigree catalogues, that they’ve shared with TLSM. 

More pictures and information will be uploaded as soon as time allows it!

If you own one of the dolls that aren’t part of our collection yet and are interested in selling it, please contact us. 

All pictures on this page are shown with the kind permission of Pedigree (and other mentioned on the photos).

Click on an image for more detailed photos. 

1967 New Zeeland Sindy?
Sindy with a C: Cindy
1978 Weekender, 44686
1979 Show Jumper, 44698
1979(?) Bonnie Sindy, 44901 (for the Scottish market). TLSM is looking for one!
1980(?) You & Sindy 44623 Photo kindly shared by Lil @lilsdolls
1981 Sindy Your first fashion doll, 44499
1982 Sindy Skater (blue)
1982 Sindy McDonald’s lost giveaway doll.
1982 Bedtime Sindy
1982 Western Sindy
1985 Miss Sindy
1985 Sindy Beautiful Bride, 42018
1985/86 Trend Setter
1986 Miss Sindy
1986 Disco Magic Sindy
1986 Sindy Head, never released.
1986? Sol og Sommer med Sindy, aka “Smirky Marilyn”
Hasbro 1994-97