1986 SINDY

From the 1986 Sindy brochure.

TLSM is collaborating with Paul Jackson who has the “1986 Pedigree Sindy” page on Facebook. He kindly shares his knowledge and says:

“Here’s my quick guide to trying to identify your 1986 Sindy by her hair. I’ve also noted the original body type but obviously these can be switched over time.”

Paul’s quick guide to trying to identify your 1986 Sindy.

Here is the list of Sindy dolls from the 1986 brochure. 

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All pictures on this page are shown with the kind permission of Pedigree.

Funtime Sindy.
My First Sindy.
Starlight Sindy.
Silver Skater Sindy.
Magic Moments (Colour Magic) Sindy.
Jazzdance Sindy.
Ballerina Sindy.
Snow Princess Sindy.
Romance’n’Roses Sindy.
Miss Sindy, not shown in 1986 catalouge.
Disco Magic Sindy, not shown in 1986 catalouge.
1986 Sindy, never released.

Paul Jackson says: “The new look Sindy launched in 1986. 
Prior to the launch, the 1986 Trade Price List (Effective April 1986) detailed a Disco Magic Doll (42062) to be launched with the first wave. Also in the trade list was the Disco Magic Fashions Assortment (43183) 
The first wave dolls were issued in a multi million pound advertising plan. Sindy had a new look, a new all pink box and a new logo which will have cost a lot of money to create. 
Disco Magic, along with Jazzdance Mark (42105) were not issued in the first wave for some reason. Look Alive Sindy (42061) was never released and remains a mystery. The Disco dolls or fashions were not in the catalogue issued. 

During 1985 Pedigree Sindy sales had been in decline due to the Barbie invasion in the UK. Barbie was more glamorous and shows like Dallas and Dynasty which were popular at the time helped fuel the sales of Barbie. Also in 1985 news of a top secret Pop Star doll was emerging from Hasbro. Top secret or not, the world could not hide from the biggest star in the universe at the time. Madonna. Madonna captured the world in 1984 and 1985, along with millions of young girls. “Lets release a Pop Star doll” was a no brainer for any toy company. 
Pedigree planned the Disco Magic line and promotional shots were taken featuring 2 brunettes and 2 blonde Sindy wearing Pop Star Fashions very similar to the Madonna style of 1985. I think these were the original planned dolls. 4 Disco Magic fashions were planned and promo photos taken. These were listed in the Trade Price list at the higher fashion price as big box fashions. 
At some point during 1985/6 Hasbro were in talks to take over the rights to Sindy so they could get a grip of the UK market. I believe they won the rights to Sindy quite early into the launch of the new look SIndy. This theory is based on the 2nd wave of Sindy being presented in a new style blue and pink box with an updated logo. Changing your branding so early into a launch is not only costly but a general no no while you are still rebranding. With the 2nd launch came some delayed dolls, Colour Magic, Jazzdance Mark, Mark & Marie Wedding (in time for the July 1986 Wedding) 
I can only presume that part of the Hasbro deal to take over the rights to Sindy was to not launch the intended Disco Magic line in the first wave as it would be competing with Jem. Sadly Mattel had already got wind of Jem and rush released Barbie and the Rockers just before Jem. 
Somewhere along the line, the outfits shown on the Sindy Disco Magic doll promo shots popped up on the 1986 “Lace” pop star doll line by Creata in the USA. A pop star doll with a pink fringe and curly hair. While the outfits where not on the dolls there were issued as fashion packs to the Lace line. I don’t know which came first, the Creata doll fashions or Disco Magic Sindy. Either way the Creata Lace dolls are linked to the Disco Magic line. 
In late 1986 the Disco Magic Range was released. She differed from the promo pictures on the back of the box. She has curly hair with a pink fringe like the Creata Lace Dolls. Two dolls were issued with a yellow blonde hair, one with auburn hair and one with black hair. They also had a small grey microphone included which was exactly the same as the one issued with the Creata Lace Dolls. One of the blonde Sindy has earrings which also were issued with the Lace Dolls. What was unusual was the doll hair was held up in a hairnet in the box. This particular hair is very course and does not style well. 
The Disco Magic fashions were issued alongside the Disco Magic Dolls. These fashions used the original 1986 standard blonde Sindy in the promo shots on the box as well as the 2 brunette and blonde dolls. The fashions cam with a microphone which was different to the one issued with the dolls. 
I do suspect that Pedigree outsourced the Disco Magic doll fashions for a quick win knowing the Lace dolls would not be issued in the UK. This also meant they would be cheaper and make more profit.”
Paul Jackson, October 2021

He has also kindly shared his 1986 Trade Price List ( and also his fair price listings from 1983 and 1984). This was the price the Toy stores payed when buying Sindy things to their stores. The price their customers had to pay was of course higher.

Click on the pic to see all.

Thank you Paul for sharing your wisdom with TLSM!

Another great friend of TLSM is F Al Fayhani who helps collecting and writing information about the later Pedigree Sindy dolls.

She says: “I found this image on the internet. It seems to be an advertisement of the 1986 Sindy collection at Selfridges. It shows the actual ”Disco Magic” dolls (D) and separate fashions (E) that were released at the second wave. Also the alternative scrapped Sindy doll “Colour Magic” (A) instead of the one showed in the catalogue “Magic Moments” which was never released! Another interesting doll is the “Starlight” Sindy with green jumpsuit (F) which was not cataloged or released on the first wave of that year, but was released with the second wave according to Paul Jackson. All those dolls are supposed to be released with the 2nd wave boxes of that year.

Thank you F Al Fayhani for all the help and work you do for the history of Sindy and for letting TLSM take part of it!