Sindy on Social Media/Interviews with the persons behind

TLSM are trying to sort today’s “trends” in how we communicate and intersect in the Sindy community by showing some of the used ways to do so.

This is not just links to the different sites, it’s also really interesting interviews I’ve done with the persons behind!

Don’t miss out on getting to know them better! Klick on the pictures below!


2011 Helena Högberg

2016 Julie Campbell


2018 Rachel Godfroy
2018 Kellie Hardie
2020 Jo Chafer


2014 Sue Scrase
2016 Matthew Hadley
2018 Bonita Callaghan


2017 Frankie Sinclair
2021 Michele Jassie


2016 Sindy Obsessed
2020 Maria Blomkvist

There are a lot of different types of Social Media and if you know of any great account, regarding Sindy, that you’d like me to check out, please contact TLSM!

Persons with a lot of Sindy knowledge and/or collections:

Angelina Bambolina

Karen Baca